No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/8/2005 2:10:29 PM

Study Study Study... Joruji is not used to this, and I don't think I'm getting anywhere... Fast (wait), SLOW!

What ever, I've been promised another authentic curry & rice dinner and by golly I shall get it!

I've got some other stuff I want to discuss next meeting. That includes the time-line revision, which will only really need my own attention. There is the character charts that need to be presented to Serai, so that she is up to date- that is if she attends at least. As well as discuss the Dialogue for episode one... horray!

Then I shall make a quick and breaf over view of what I plan for #2 #3 and #4... Mabey even #5. I say breif becouse #1 has a full story board and #2 has only one scene done, the rest are in writting somewhere...

Aside from that I'll be taking in suggestions on direction of story, extra plot twists and what not. Please guys share ideas, this is a collaborative work and your all creative, I know you are... at least a lil bit you are (I know I'm not). I aim this at Josh, who although does offer great suggestions, he usually does fixes not new stuff all together. I'm sure his mind is full of new innovations that are dying to make appearances in the comic. Dre helps alot on plot, but if he doesn't join the meetings I'm going to plot him 6 feet under ground!!!

Anywho I guess thats all I wanted to say... Thank you for your patience yall!


Oh by the way Josh, there's an error on the Jorge III section, scans won't load... Do what you do... AND BRING BACK THAT POSTER WITH ALL THREE CHARACTERS POSING!!!

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