No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/9/2005 11:47:35 AM

Ugg, Its been three days, and not very good progress on the studying. Ofcoarse I predicted this, Jorge just doesn't have this sort of habit. Mabey for other things... Yeah, I studied wing zero's design and manage to learn where all the nooks and crannys are. Yeah I managed to memorize over 20 character models and details in full 360 views for the SAMNIN and NGEARS projects- But even when I'm not under pressure, I don't even notice when I've spelled breef wrong. What can I say...

Even so, today is my last cramming day and tomorrow I might pull a quickie, time is running out to prepare. Whats on my mind? Rice and Curry...

Jorge worries, but the grand thing is that if I fail this mission I don't die, just get wailed at by Josh and the others for a good while. Not to mention he'll never let me forget it. So there is alot riding on this test for me.

I really want to get back to real drawing again, this week has much sUx0R...

Nothing new to complain or inform about, what I have ready is what I've got. Sorry for mispelling her name, but I think this is (what? the second time?) that I actually see in writing. I don't really spell by ear, or by any other sense for that matter...

Guess I better get back to my Insurance for Dummys guide. aw the hell with it.

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