No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/28/2005 8:20:52 PM

Jo everybody! Ranting once...

Well as the Josh says that he will be updating the site[ofcoarse we dont know when or what], I too will be getting busy. More art for NGEARS is being prepared as well as a comic draft that Ive assembled. SAMNIN won't be getting work until next meeting is held.

Feeling a little restless, since paintball never happened. Thinking of organizing my own meeting, but as I've seen on halonights, it takes patience and orginization skills to get the right parties together. Anywho that also means i need cash, so thats primary. ^_^

On a sidenote, Armando is over in panama, enjoying my country. Tomorrow Anthony will be joining him and I'm feeling pretty left out. Anywho, Mando aimed me a while ago and sent me an intersting link to a flash site done by a panamanian artist. Its on the humerous side and its in spanish, but if your not disturbed easily, I recommend you check it out...

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