No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/27/2005 3:32:13 PM

Jo! So far as of today, I've done some character updates for NGEARS. In fact the past few weeks that Josh has been absent have all been spent reinspiring the NGEARS topics. Mostly designs though I've improved some art techniques and a sketchy type of style that I want to use exclusive to NGEARS. Actually, if I get creative enough, I was thinking of doing the NGEARS comic right off the PC. It would be very experimental, but fruitfull in results.

Aside from that, It seems Josh is fired up about making money again. Im glad to see that, it is normal Josh behavior after all. Jasser, Im sorry about not sending you anything, but what I did send to Josh about SAMNIN was already showed to you personally... And you approved [how did you forget?]. Prepare to be sent new stuff if you wish to see it.

OH GOD THANK GOD JOSH IS WILLING TO WORK ON THE SITE AGAIN. He might not understand it, but once an artist grows better, his old work is like a testament that he did suck a little more than he does now. I mean old work isnt bad, some you actually like! - The stuff thats currently on the site is just terrible in general. Excluding some two or three drawings, and probably the footer design, everything else sucked! Anywho, as far as the site goes, the animated chibbis are still in the production stages, but it really won't matter how far along they are as long as Josh doesn't update...>_<

Ahh, I guess thats enough complaining for today. Jorge shall get back to work! Sanitario!

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