No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/6/2005 8:36:22 PM

This is Jorge


This is Jorge after updates


Although that very old chibbi looks like Josh did today, I'm currently quite happy. It's not much, but an under-construction logo[that Josh hates] has pleased me quite alot.

You guys should have seen him. He called... Sort of gargeled what was wrong, then grumbled so that I could open the door. Angie did, but when he got up to my room, he had the face of a war victim [and his side was losing]. He sort of shuffled to the other side of my room and just crapped out on my bed. I thought he died for a few minutes, then he murmured something and went back to sleep. Never figured out what was wrong, and probably never will. CHEH*, Wasn't the first time...

By the way, ya know how all ninja have a familiar of some sort... frog or snake, or something... Thats mine sitting on my head!

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