No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/13/2005 10:53:40 PM
Jorge believes the meeting to have been productive. However, I felt it wasn't as productive as it should or could have been. We certainly did not get as much work done as I had hoped we would. For future meetings, I will be organizing a stricter agenda to ensure that we don't trail off into tangents as seems to be our problem. Additionally, I see issues with the newest member, but I suppose this will improve as she becomes better acquainted with the policies of the group and projects. For one, as Jorge already knows, we should hold any request for changes for any aspect of the story for meetings.

On the note of Jasser's rant. I'm not so certain that our members would want a rant section [or more importantly {which bothers me more}, that it won't be used]. I am thinking of designing a new system for the rants, but haven't really thought it out enough to give much a description of my plans.

That's all I really wanted to say, so goodnight and good luck.

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