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Post Date: 11/15/2005 11:44:58 PM
Well then, Jorge wants me to create agendas, organize a schedule, and begin handing out assignments to members. I'm thinking of a couple of methods so as to make the group more productive and a couple of ideas just occurred to me prior to writing this.

Something along the lines of 'committees' might be of some use for the group. As nice as it may be to get the whole group together for every meeting, I'm finally willing to accept that it's not always feasible. If we assign certain people to a particular aspect of the project or portion, then they can meet on their own shedule [which I'd imagine would be easier to accomplish than working around so many individuals' schedules]. For instance, when it comes to the artwork [the actual creation of], I [for one] believe I'm not needed or am of much use. The artwork mostly depends on Jorge, Dre, and occassionally Jasser; as much as I do is offer a couple of opinions and request some alterations. If we could form smaller groups that can meet or work around their own schedules, then more can be accomplished [rather than me saying "don't speak a word outside of meetings so as to increase attendance"]. I'll be working on a list or chart that'll define the various tasks that go into the creation of this thing and then start assigning names to the individuals best suited for the job. In some cases I would imagine a single person can accomplish the task, in others it may take three, or some may require the whole group [which would then mean that group meetings would play its role]. Hopefully I can get that going.

What mostly inspired this idea of partitioning the work load was this issue I'm having with designing the site. I sit their [not really wanting to work on it] and spend my time thinking of what could be done and cowed when it becomes a bit complicated. Personally, I think I could use a buddy to help me design this, whether Jorge or Jasser or Dre [probably best for Jorge] and the idea is if I begin meeting with him on this specific task, I'll get it done faster and more efficiently. While I'm on the topic of the site design, I have been noticing how complicated the database is becoming. There seems to be more data than what I had originally thought there would be and accounted for. I suppose I'll be talking to Jorge more about how he wants to present the work [i.e. - organize the site].

I'm thinking if we're gonna meet this deadline, we're gonna have to begin meeting more often [but more importanly] on a set schedule [like every two weeks or something along those lines]. I'll see if I can allocate some time to get these ideas rolling, it may very well be the thing the group needs to finally pickup the pace.

Give me some more feedback on this, all of you.

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