No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/10/2005 11:14:00 AM
Oh my, that was simply precious. Shinning Finger Sword, eh?

Anyway, two days away from our meeting. Plans are underway, dealines are coming, lives are at stake [well, those of others at least] and it all rests on the success of a small group of inidividuals.

Once upon a time, there was a beaner named HoreHey-Eduardo. He lived a humble life and worked hard. Then one day, after diligent study, the beaner kicked ass on the State's exam for life. From that day forward, the beaner was looked upon with respect and admired by his peers. His pride swelled up and his nostrils flared with this burning desire to attain greatness. He built his business and was able to fund all his art projects. As the years passed by, women came and went, but his money was always with him [as well as a full stomach]. AND THEN HE VOTED EDDIE GONZALEZ FOR PRESIDENT 2016!
End of story.

I think I'm more bored than anything else. I've spent [am currently still am on the line] about 2 hours staight on hold with Regions in an attempt to get into the old UP Internet Banking system. I've played [and won] one game of Freecell, I've played [and closed it before finishing, but would have lost terribly] a game of Hearts. I've checked all my mail [both office and personal], logged onto the server to do some work, read through the latest rants, stared off into space [a whole lot] and am now writing this thing. I'm am reminded of that [one and only] drawing I made, that is posted on the site, when I was getting through to the IRS. Anywho, I've lost interest.

Long live Crenshaw. How did he get that Jeep there?

Here you go, Jorge, this one's for you.

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