No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/9/2005 9:29:16 AM
You keep up that studying. You know damn well that Saori's rice and curry are more than worthy of the efforts. Not to mention, I'll get to pour you another cup of vodka and cola.

On a side note, it's sick how badly you spell, the number of errors I found in this last rant boggles the mind. And then on top of that, you're not even consistent with your mispelled words [brief has been spelled: breaf and breif]. I'm starting to think that you're doing this on purpose. More importantly, you continue to spell Sarai's name incorrectly, which I simply will not have. GET IT STRAIGHT.

Glad you've got next meeting's agenda planned out. As for attendence, when I called Dre, the conversation went something like:
Josh: I'll ask you this once and only once. Do you have anything planned for Saturday from 1:30 to 3:30?
Dre: No
Josh: Then you will be the first to be notified and confirmed that there will be a meeting, this coming Saturday, from 1:30 to 3:30. I would not recommend you schedule anything in for that time.
Dre: Okay
Josh: Bye
Like I said, I simply will not stand for my efforts going to waste. There's only one person that's allowed to do with my time what they wish [which includes wasting it] and Dre sure as hell isn't that person. The same applies to all group members, I'm not trying to pick on Dre specifically, but he [of all] should not have missed this last meeting.

We'll see whether or not you'll get me to start talking about original ideas. With the addition of our newest member, you may have found the method to get me to talk [I don't know, I guess we'll see]. My thoughts lie mostly on preventative measures and not so much creative. I want to keep the story from running off in the wrong direction or landing itself in a rut; I've not focused so much on getting my own ideas out there [that has been mostly left to the rest of you].

On a final note, I find it humorous that 'Jorge III' is the one that has always given me issues. However, it's the only art page that is not static [wherein lies the issue]. The issue here was a simple one, as it where the images where being pulled out of a directory that no longer exists [on in the "D" drive]. A couple of changes resulting from the incident has changed that and it slipped my mind to make sure our [one and only] dynamic art page would continue functioning. This is the reason why I don't want to add more art until we have a new database and fully tested and operational system in place so that we may avoid these sort of issues. Like I've said before, get it right the first time around and you'll avoid a lot of problems in the future. I'll bring this up in the meeting.

That's all from me. I'd like to see a nive stream of consistent ranting on our site once again. Jasser's got a notebook now, so I'm hoping he'll put it to use.

Here you go, Jorge, this one's for you.

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