No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/7/2005 9:06:39 AM
I shall let that bit of insolence from Jasser slide, for the time being.

I will be informing Jorge that outside of meetings, he should not disclose any new information to other parties until all members are up to date. In other words, unless every member has seen what you're sharing, until a meeting takes place, you may not show anything to anyone [that includes group members]. This is the way we ensure that all members participate in meetings and [more importantly] attend.

By the looks of it, I'm getting inquiries regarding the next meeting. This may mean that there will be a group meeting sooner than later. Taking into consideration that there wasn't a meeting this past Saturday, we may have to have another to compensate. However, I will inform all of you, I will not have my time wasted. Jorge knows that when members don't attend the meetings, I lose almost all interest. He took it upon himself to start scanning images, so there was at least some productivity [but none of it was from me, in fact, I read a book]. Again, notice to all members: Josh will not have his time wasted. I'm trying to keep this thing as organized as possible and if I see that I'm not getting the results I want there will be dire repercussions.

Next meeting, I would like to bring to the table the problem of attendance. We do not seem to have an adequate system in place to commend good deeds [such as Jorge having accomplished the storyboard], but worse, nothing in place to punish those who don't do as they should [Dre not attending after having been informed four days prior {and agreeing} as well as Jasser {the only thing that saves you is that you're earning money while absent}]. I won't have it anymore, something must be done 'cause I don't think any of you realize how very disgruntling it is.

Next item I wish to present is for review of the storyboard. This needs to be discussed to establish whether the story is going in the direction we'd like it to. Additionally, we must begin the written story for Episode 1 to attach to the images that have been drawn up. Our deadline is not as far off as you seem comfortable enough to act as though it were [if I phrased that properly].

Now then, this rant has become excessively long and is full of complaints. I don't care for it too much. I'll leave you all with the quote I used in the past couple of weeks [that was lost from the incident].
Indecision has cost Americans, American businesses, and the American government billions of dollars more than the wrong decision.

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