No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/6/2005 3:00:50 PM
First of all, it's Sarai. If you don't get it straight I will surely notify her and let her put that little foot of 'ers up your wazoo.

The story about the car is very pleasing. I wish I had been there to watch the whole ordeal; not so much to assist, just to watch. I have to admit, you ended it with one of the best one-liners I have read on this site thus far.

I'll be organizing another meeting in no time. We can no longer afford to slack off as we officially running on a schedule with deadlines. If we're to meet with these deadlines, than you know the rest.

I'll see if I can get any work done as far as the site is concerned. Nowadays, it's a matter of finding the free time to work on it. If I'm not in the office [for some ten hours, like I usually am], I'm on the run with Sarai. I'm currently working on a new schedule that'll put everything into perspective with me [with the assistance of another].

I'll post an update soon enough. As for Jasser, where the hell is your rant. I'm tired of seeing that goddam reminder of the incident. CHANGE IT.

That is all.

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