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Post Date: 11/3/2005 5:33:35 PM
So the latest has been quite a pain. It so happens that some software on the server had an update that wasn't too good and screwed a lot of things over. I had the fortune of being welcomed by 2,150 emails in my inbox this morning. I continued the battle against these emails throughout the day for some seven hours attempting this cleanup and must have gone through some 4,000 emails before finally putting a stop to this thing. 'Round four o'clock I finally took a look at what was going on in the community and found out the problem was caused by this update that was released about two days ago. I just had the damn luck to get the update shortly after getting back online and so had to deal with this too.

I also dedicated some time to fixing the way the DNS records were working for the site. They're now a bit more proper and acceptable as far as the big ISPs are concerned. My only issue was that I wanted to ensure all clients on this machine will get through to anyone they want to send emails to. I've learned a couple of new things about what the industry is doing to fight SPAM these days. Of course, in my case, this means that I learn how to better avoid filters and strenthen my own machines battle against the mass mailings.

I've spoken with Jasser regarding this Saturday's meeting. He's informed me that he promised to work the morning. Something about his car is trying to get him out of coming to the meeting, but it's of no concern to me; his excuses mean little and the meetings mandatory. We've got quite a bit to cover as we've lost about two weeks in which we didn't get much done [maybe Jorge did by pencil]. I want to figure out how Jorge wants to present new material on the website. I'm having issues with this new database 'cause I can't quite grasp what and how he wants the new stuff to be organized. It's imperative we get this right from the start because it gets really tough to fix design flaws later on when it comes to databases.

As for me, I feel very unproductive. I suppose it's 'cause I've been forced to focus on what's not so important. I've got to work the business, not work on this computer. I won't kick myself though 'cause I refuse to give in to the whining.

Where the hell are Jorge and Jasser. Site's been up for quite a couple of hours now, I'd like to see some new ranting. Get rid of that goddam reminder that still posted on this page. I'll be keeping in touch with you all.

Decided to leave this pic on the page for a bit longer, I kind of like it.

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