No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/2/2005 11:55:35 PM
A hearty, but solemn, welcome back to you all. For the past week and half, the site was down. The situation was far greater and to the scale of being server-wide. The result, as I am pained to say and deeply sorrowful for, is that about two months worth of data has been lost to this particular site alone. There is little way for me to retrieve any of the rants or any updates and new pages/features created since the first week of September. I did not like to hear this news, but I much worse dislike relating it to you all.

However, I am not to let this get me down for too long as it isn't a leadership quality. We're moving on here with Sam/Nin with some steady rising speed. We've got a new member that may very well be a permanent addition [who conveniently fell into place in the storyline]. A Sam/Nin meeting has been scheduled for this coming Saturday and attendance is mandatory. I hope to see you all there.

As for the changes that will be rolled out when we overhaul the website... they are not even in pre-production; designs aren't even being worked on, but I'd like to change that with some help and news from the upcoming meeting. Episode 1 seems to be fantastic and Jorge is already developing the future storylines. This thing is kicking off and we've got deadlines to meet, so look forward to hearing from you all and stay tuned 'cause there's far more to come.

By the way, hunting down data in attempt to recover, I found this on the 'ol comp and thought I'd share it.

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