No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/27/2005 9:28:18 AM
I'll be the one to clarify this one then 'cause I sure as hell won't let Jasser step out of line...chuch.

Monday evening we had agreed that we'd meet yesterday [Tuesday] afternoon for as long as Jasser could hold out before heading out to school; the plans were simple and set. However, Jorge decided to pull a disappearing act, or at least wouldn't answer his phone. So my next step is to [almost automatically] turn to work. I contacted Jon and we setup to meet at Starbucks to work on study, list, appointments, etc. We even got to speaking with Dre and he and I had a short Sam/Nin meeting without you all; this led to coming to a pretty good solution to Jasser's character, thank you Dre.

I arrived at Startbucks at about 2:50PM, I left Starbucks with a final goodbye to Jess at about 11:45PM. I you do the math I'm sure you'll note that's damn well near nine hours I spent there. However in that time Josh presented the four-page once, interviewed a second individual, and setup three appointments for tomorrow and one for Tuesday. I'd like that you all get motivated by my actions and get on the ball, but I'm willing to settle for some slappage with a salmon.

As for the next Sam/Nin meeting, Jasser has been pushing for Thursday or Friday. Well Jasser, Josh has been pushing for getting you and Jorge to make appointments for Thursday or Friday. So then, solution: make at least one appointment each and we'll have a Josh Guaranteed meeting, which [as you well know] means it'll happen. I'll call the both of you with this challenge in case you don't read it. And just so you know, Dre has setup an interview for today, Wednesday; so he's already a step ahead of you two and will have his meeting.

Josh out...

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