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Post Date: 8/18/2005 3:09:18 PM
Seems the DB has been playin' with my head, read-only it told me. Guess it doesn't matter though. The latest update might take a while, so this has a great potential for becoming an [excessively] long rant. You've been warned.

So then things have become so very busy. Meco's in search of a new receptionist, I've been handling it in lieu. Was becoming quite overwhelmed yesterday, but am a little better now. Karaoke was very therapeutic, so it calmed my fury and now I'm just plain tired [I've got to stop sleeping at 2 everyday, there's just no reason to].

Have been bumping into old friends as of late. Was at the bucks ready to leave when suddenly a swarm of people I know started showing up. Arly Marin was quite surprised to see me, as was I, and we chatted for a while. Banana showed up and joined the group. By the end of it, there was a good group of eight or nine gathered in that little corner. However, when everyone started showing at once, there was Arly, then Paul with Psychy [which caught Adan by surprise]. It was all a nice meeting.

Last night Jessica Lugo showed up; got a chance to say howdy, but I forgot to demand my cookies. Eddie missed out on my first turn, I sang "Jump Jive 'An Wail" and, from what I heard, did a mighty fine job of it to. I'm thinking of trying "This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof" next time they host karaoke. Jon was singing some nice stuff, but his voice tends to break up whenever he hits high points. Jessica was just as sexy as ever and did a duet with Jeanette. Before the music started out, Alex and Terri had their coffee master thing [sorry, I forgot the actual name]; he was nervous, but did a swell job all the same.

Pardon the inability to maintain a streamlined story, but I keep jumping around.

Couple of nights ago went out with friends [I'll keep names secret] who needed a 'mind-altering' experience. I just found it hilarious and had to tag along. They got the munchies and we all went to Denny's. I finally admitted that I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't be around folks; simply too much fun to watch what others are gonna do next. I'll forever be an observer, I guess there's no denying it.

Lately I've been reading an interesting book called "The Guide to Getting it On." It covers information on just about everything. How the genitals work and their anatomy, the different forms of having sex, history of sex in the U.S. as far as how our culture has dealt with it. It's very informative, almost like having a 'pocket-sized Jerny' with me at all times. Big though, 'bout 730+ pages to the thing. Interesting drawings can be found inside. I'm just glad some questions are finally being answered. I learned a lot about my prostate I didn't know about before, I can now appreciate what it is the doctors are warning us men about as we grow older. Jessica loves the fact that I'm reading it, hell the first night I walked in with this booked she got mighty excited. Told me what parts I should concentrate on, w00t.

Personal aside, the latest on business is long too. This coming Tuesday I've got my life exam scheduled. Very little studying has been done in this regard and I've been avoiding scheduling it alone for about a month and half. I'm not looking entirely forward to the exam, but know I've got to do it. As for the certainty of passing, I'm not too sure of myself, but then again, I've taken exams in worse condition.

Couple of nights ago, I met John's girlfriend [John that worked at the bucks] and it turns out she's exactly what I've been looking for. My year and a half worth of searching may have finally found its end. She a developer who has dedicated much of her studies as mine. She's got ASP down and I'm pretty excited. Someone went as far as nick-naming her "Joshette." I've already got some projects lined up for her. We had a long conversation involving an excessive number of questions coming out of my mouth. She's a smart cookie as it turns out.

One more migration is gonna occur and I think I'll be sticking with this new company. Once I set this thing up to function a little more automatically, I'll be able to concentrate less on my company and more on PFS.

Now for Sam/Nin, we're having a meeting this coming Saturday, some time after training. Dunno exactly what's gonna happen, as I've been too busy lately to keep tabs with Jorge, Jasser, of Dre. Considering I've got to be in West Palm Beach [was suppose to be for Fri, Sat, Sun], I'm being kept busy. My schedule got so out of control, I can only attend the last day of the convention.

This long-winded rant's now coming to an end as my hands have become tired and I've got quite a bit of work to do. I'll be ranting again soon enough. Additionally, I ackowledge the fact that this rant is a full-fledged blog, I don't like the fact that it is, but I've been so weirded out by these last two weeks or so that I needed to get as much of my story out. That's all though, Josh out.

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