No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/20/2005 11:30:34 AM
So then, just this past Monday we had a group meeting, which I believe Jorge enjoyed as we seem to have accomplished a lot. A pissed off Josh is a productive Josh and now that I'm looking to get something done the comic seems to be coming together. We spent the most part of the meeting defining the laws of the universe. Figuring out how close to reality we want to keep it and what sort of things we'll be allowing. One of the major issues we've been having is related to weapons. There's a bit of uncertainty in whether or not firearms should be allowed. Jorge wanted the story to be some post-apocalyptic setting with some resemblance to stories such as Mad Max [Josh's analogy]. However, my concern is that enemies have nothing to prevent them from picking up some gun and shooting the character in the back when he's not looking. It's difficult for the blade to coexist with the gun; simply look at history, shortly after firearms became available, the blade was being defeated with a fury. That was the first obstacle.

We then went onto thinking about plot development, how to present the story so that we may retain the readers attention and interest. We cannot follow the traditional plot of expo, rising, climax, falling, then resolution. Similar to stories that follow the life of a character, our plot will have to have various points of interests all leading to the final climax, which will become the objective of the entire adventure/story [this is how it works in this industry]. Along with plot was simply getting the story started. There are three characters that need to be introduced and put together from the start, but we don't want to simply follow each until they meet. The result was the development of out introduction into the story, we now know how each character will be introduced and are currently working on each. As this develops, each character's profile becomes more focused and intricate. My main objective throughout the night was simly listening to Jorge and Jasser and correct them when something couldn't work or help out with getting our of the rut.

All in all, it seems our first episode is well on its way and we'll be getting to story and plot development just fine. We haven't really got much of an idea when we can begin presenting Sam/Nin to the public. As of now, Jorge is merely working on conceptual art. It's in the works though and that's all that really matters at this point; we've slacked off for long enough already. As a result, Josh can relax a bit on designing the site; that is, until Jorge finally gets to putting out something to show.

That's all for now, 'least as far as I'm concerned. Maybe Jorge or Jasser would like to share something...
By the way, sorry 'bout the long rant, but there's was simply so much I needed to get out.

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