No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/26/2005 3:49:40 PM
Alright then, Josh is not dead; though the rant's about a month overdue. As of late I've been busier than ever before, mostly thanks to the convention the company had up in Atlanta. It was one hell of a Freedom celebration up there, I only wish everyone 'round here could have attended.

In more recent times, I have been newly motivated to take on a more aggressive approach at with my career with Primerica. I plan to become big, but more importanly, I will make it happen. Additionally, that old project [originally dubbed 'sabalpalmtitle'] seems to be lurking around once again; I have been asked to commence work on it again and have agreed to. This means that I will be setting aside some time to work [most likely from home] on the project. The was JR will benefit from this is that it always advances when I work on projects from home 'cause I tend to cross share tech and scripts with the sites I work on. Once I get my schedule in order, I 'll be getting a nice chunk of work out of the way.

The group has not met for a couple of weeks now and I'm to blame for this. I plan to rectify the matter as soon as possible and, with some luck, we will meet next week. Josh is once again motivated and will [hopefully] become more aggressive toward all endeavors; just like at the convention ... "PUMPED UP, FIRED UP, SUPER-EXCITED!!!"

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