No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/5/2005 1:26:35 PM
I've been reading all those emails Jorge has sent me these past weeks and it seems that his story keeps shifting gears and doesn't really have a static plot per se. I am thinking that perhaps I'll have to sit down with this young man and get his story organized 'cause he seems to keep shooting out in different directions. I like the whole special blend thing with the tea bags, but I sure as hell wouldn't have finished off with a corny line like that one.

I'm trying to organize my own thoughts as I'm laying out plans for user privileges on Meco and possibly Josh Ricart. I'm gonna be rolling out some changes that Jorge has been demanding for the past couple of months. I took a look in the 'Scans' folder and saw something pretty interesting. The first scans we started out with were scanned in March of 2004, the last batch of scans were done this past March. 'Bout a year later and I'm still not posting anything up ... tee hee. So I 'spose now's a better time than ever.

Onward ho!

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