No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/26/2005 2:49:41 PM
Enough with the damn colors. I don't care if the physical world can't make head or tail of the real color code. RGB is the only thing you need to know and as proof or your true sync with the art, you [naturally] used RGB color scheme for the main characters [pat yourself on the back, you're cool now]. So get with the program and don't make that mistake; you should know by now, yellow's not a primary it could never be. If it weren't for green and red, we'd never see any yellow.

Anyway, enough about color, I've just reached my fill. So yes, we've been quite busy as of late. I'm trying to get my team together and get the business going and Sam/Nin seems to suffer from the lack of my time. Maybe I'll schedule one of these nights to work on the site and get the DB up and running. Time's tight these days, what can I say. I've already got Friday-evening of next week booked and come Monday I'll be making at least two calls to make appointments. Hell, Mid-June, week of the 13th, I'm headed out and there goes Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Just today I recieved word from Sean Southwell [a.k.a. Black-Democratic-Bastard] that he'll be coming down here for 'bout two days at the end of June. Says he'll be attending Metrocon and now's got me thinking. I know Sarai's been wantin' to go to one of these conventions, this one might work [closest thing we've got for some]. So I may dig even deeper into that magic fund from which Josh wishes to believe will never run out. June shall be one of the most planned out months [hence busy] and travel month for me in a very long time. [Mind you] Josh hasn't had a vacation since summer of 2003.

So I'll get back to what I was doing before I read Jorge's rant.
Josh out...

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