No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/15/2005 12:34:50 PM
Well I can't say that yesterday's meeting was one of our most productive meeting as far as the projects go, but there was one aspect of it that went well. However, explanations on that would have to wait for another time, too much of a blog for my taste [if you want to find out, how 'bout a real conversation].

There's not much to do as far as the projects go. Sam/Nin is undergoing story development with some methods recommended to Jorge, NGears wasn't really mine to meddle with, and as far as the film goes we have only to prepare for the future filming.

I'm gonna see if I can get these goddam scans Jorge has been bugging me about. Problem is that we'll need a database to register all the scans, create captions, and keep track of their filenames and thumbnails [among other attributes]. Maybe I'll get that DB up and running; as for the scans, they'll need some work as far as editing & prep for posting and some captions will be made for each ['cause Josh likes captions instead of trying to figure out what the artist is trying to tell me]. Additionally, I'm gonna see if I can move some of the front page layout to accomodate the RSS feed I want to plug from MegaTokyo.

Aside from that, the usual whining and procrastination, there's not much else I'm doing. Undergoing training at my new job is all. By the way, for all those out there interested in knowing, it's now official ... Josh works three jobs, w00t.

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