No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/2/2005 11:01:11 PM
On the topic of Blogs:

I've never been a great fan of blogs. Now I understand the great interest involved in peeking into someone's life and reading some of their thoughts; however, this becomes a tad bit annoying.

In most recent times, I've been coming across old friends. One such gave me her journal on BlogSpot. Then there was Jern, who made mention of some topic [that apparently happened with an entry in her livejournal] just today and I had to look into the matter. Then I decided I would save the journals in my favorites on the PC at home. So I started down the list. When I came across journals that I didn't remember the address to, I started searching [for instance, Angie on MySpace]. Then I decided, 'hey why not lookup everyone' and started looking for Jess from Starbucks. While looking this one up I came across Jessica Lugo, one my old fellow staff writers on the paper. I started checking that one out. Then I saw a comment left by none other than our very own Jasser Sotelo. Apparently Jasser's got time to keep up with his MySpace account and everyone else in that damn cesspool of opinion & ambiguity, but not enough for a simple 'daily howdy' [though that's no longer allowed under contract guidelines].

So anyway, it seems that everyone has got their own place online. This blogging trend is no mere trend, at least not anymore. By the looks of things we will be disconnected from each other as was define by the Suicide Club. We are no longer connected to each other. We merely keep in touch using our phones or our email or our instant messaging. Face-to-face meetings are becoming fewer and fewer in number. Everyone's got a blog, we keep up with their life reading their online journal and perhaps leave a comment, and then we may not even speak with that person for days [or weeks].

In all truth, I'm not certain [there's that disgruntling ambiguity related to these goddam blogs, telling everyone what it is you simply can't fathom] of why I don't particularily like blogs and try to keep away from them. Chances are it's simply 'cause of all the time I can end up wasting on such. This rant alone has taken me anywhere from 15-20 minutes to write between gathering my thoughts and reviewing for errors [one must keep to topic and not run off into a tangent less lose meaning]. Perhaps I'll become more comfortable with all this blogging sometime in the future. For now, I'll just keep my distance.

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