No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/23/2005 4:34:14 AM
Yet another all-nighter for Josh. Alright, so this time I rolled out some changes that can be noticed by our visitors [and hopefully appreciated]. The menu bar at the bottom has changed; I lowered it slightly and it appears on all the pages and it has some new links. The color/font chooser no longer appears on all the pages of JR, instead [like promised] the chooser has been relocated to a new page for user/visitor settings. This thing uses cookies [so I hope you have them enabled, otherwise...tough], so users can now save their preferences for JR. Currently the options are to set your name, choose a font, and choose a color [for background]. The options will expand as more features are added & enabled on the site.

I've been testing most of this already and it's pretty good except for a line or two on some of the pages that need some updating. As a result of the new Settings page, I'm no longer creating links with the querystring at the end [i.e. - "?font=&color="]. Most of them are gone, but a few remain throughout the site I need to rid of.

So my work is done for the night, hope you appreciate it. As for me, I'm in dire need of sleep.
G'Night folks

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