No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/22/2005 12:58:18 PM
I see, so by Josh taking on a full schedule and keeping track of his time [including these meetings], things finally get done and progression becomes notable. I suppose it makes me glad. Before writing this, I took a quick look at my new chibby, I certainly do seem a little older and wiser in this one [though a bit tired {the sort of tired that comes with age from living life}, but never ready to settle].

Anyway, I've got my idea(s) for the site too. Like I said before, I'm looking to roll out some major changes and see if I can get some visitor/user interactivity going on. Have wondered some about presentation of the three topics, but I tend to get a blurred image.

I'll be taking a more active roll in the storyline progression for Sam/Nin. I've got some half-decent English skills on my side and plan to apply them to what Jorge is thinking about. I want the group to [one of these meetings] sit reading the transcripts with highlighters and red pens in hand to start plugging ideas into this thing. As for presentation on the site, we'll be discussing what goes on the site next meeting [though it's a short one {at that} thanks to Jasser].

The page has been quite active this week, I'm slightly intrigued by this and more interested in knowing whether it'll keep up. That's all from my end. By the way, as for that last question about left-to-right or right-to-left, think about it long and hard 'cause it's not something you can easily change down the line. What do you think would present this best and compliment the work?

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