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Post Date: 4/25/2005 4:57:30 PM
I visit the site for a moment to check if anyone has ranted and I find an error. Nasty one too, having to do with the new Settings page, where if there is no name registered "My" will appear in the link and page title. I noticed the link said "My's" and that just got to me.
**If you don't care for technical information or developer jargon, please skip ahead to next purple spot**
Loaded up the site's back-end and started to hack at the script. Figured out a simpler script, only takes four lines of code [in comparison with the original 7]. So now my script is cleaner, smaller, and actually works [for a change]. Had to change another one too, this one was in the Settings2 page [where the info gets registered]. Seems that I placed the script to register the info in the cookie after my variables were set. So my variables conflicted and ended up overwriting the one the page thought existed. So my If/Then line wasn't noticing that the name slot was blank as the name variable started out with a name, then the cookie was updated [as was the variable], but the rest of the page just continued. Anyway, I just cut/paste the register lines on top of my variables and it worked out.
**Jargon is done with, thank you**
So now the site is back up to par and the small issues are fixed. Didn't really take me more than 15 minutes to fix, but thought I'd mention it to any one that might have noticed the mistake.

That's all from me, till next...

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