No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/12/2005 5:54:05 PM
Howdy all...

Writing to you straight out of DeVry's campus [Miramar], w00t. I try to write from the various places I work out of when I get the chance and thought it about time I do it on school grounds. Nice day thus far, can't complain.

Enough about my life [the hell do you think this is, some sort of blog?]. If I'm lucky I'll pull out of here tonight with sufficient energy to logon at home and finish up some of the changes. Still need to post up Jorge's chibby. Additionally, I noticed that I didn't update the chibbies on other pages throughout the site [i.e. - rant review]. I'll be finally integrating the cookies soon as I get the chance, it only takes some minor coding [and bam!].

The rant review will be getting some search capabilities cause I've recently had to go through the whole thing in search of various items; first it was the quote for the footer, then I needed those color codes I ranted about a couple of months ago; and I don't want to wait for my next quest before being able to actually search. I'm also looking to make it the way it was suppose to show up with the associated rants listed together. When you read these things alone they can really get out of context. I'll probably make a small script to post all three accordingly by date/time so that they stick well together, but on a seperate page [...hmm, Jorge there's another idea, another rant review page for the three of us, then the individual pages].

I seem to be plugging JR quite a bit, so looks like we'll be getting a couple more visitors soon, I'm hoping to get that msg board up or guestbook, I'm not too sure how we'll be going about that idea. I recall a long time ago saying something about a rant for visitors [just remembered/imagined it now], perhaps we'll be a guestbook with the most recent post appearing at the bottom of the page. The thing is [like I was discussing with Jorge] JR was never meant to have users [other than us three], I wouldn't want to integrate a msg board with database for this reason; users and 'joshricart' shouldn't go together, at least [...] not yet.

Additionally, I'm thinking of maybe allowing Jasser & Jorge to create/control their own page [using some WYSIWYG editor] so that they can post whatever they like, but these are just ideas I'm playing with. I've got a lot of work [outside of JR] to dedicate too much time to this project.

This rant has suddenly felt too long, so I stop now. Until I rant again ... fare thee well.

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