No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/10/2005 12:01:23 PM
Alright so yesterday's meeting wasn't as productive as I had hoped for, but at least we got something done this time. JR has got a header [finally]. Never knew what to put in that spot up there so left alone since the advent of the site. However, Jorge thought we that there should be a header just as there is a footer and he came up with what's up there now. Not too shabby if I could say so myself.

So then, we're trying to organize best we can here. Looks like I'll be doing the talked-about changes on my own [as if my two partners below could do much anyway {except for Jorge who has been learning some} much less would I give them such authority to do so]. We [and by we I mean I] have already decided on a heirarchy for the projects' priorities:
  1. Sam/Nin
  2. N GEARS
  3. The Film
And so we'll be following this heirarchy of work to get done. Sam/Nin is the most important and will get most attention and immediate change. N GEARS will get some attention as well, though not quite so much as it is a project that involves Jorge and I [mostly just Jorge]. Then the Film won't get any attention less it be some conceptual work and gathering props and whatnot, we don't have much time to dedicate to it just now and resources are not going to be allocated.

So for the few visitors we still have out there, expect some [nice] changes for the site; they're on their way.

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