No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/16/2005 3:44:23 AM
Oh dear, it's quite late now.

If you don't care to hear some terminology and general boring chat, skip down to the next paragraph
Well I've been working on the site all night long. Background stuff mostly; trying to streamline some of the pages and organize the site. Decision to seperate the routines from the main directory will be pretty helpful. Aside from that, I created a few new routines [variables, menu] so that I could shrink these pages as much as I can [server-side]. After that, I updated all the pages so that any variable will be registered with its value and not picked out from [say] the URL using querystring. This way, I can keep the pages more consistent. It's mostly all preparation for incorporating the new cookies so that visitor's can save custom layout/schemes of the site [without having to input each visit]. Thankfully, the site is finally ready. All I have to do now is create the page for settings; I'd like to add as many custom features as possible [not only font & color, but specific headers, font size, font color, etc.]. But enough of the stuff users don't care to hear [and probably consider boring].

Not much is new on my end. Old classmate got in touch with me Friday and we chatted a while throughout the day. Mostly feeling tired as my schedule doesn't allow me to visit Starbucks every single day like I've grown accustomed to. Slightly overworked, but that's okay.

I'd like to hear from Jasser below. This is why I doubt giving them some control over webspace. They'll probably neglect it and I'll have to update it myself or remove altogether. Enough from me, I'm tired, groggy and want to get to sleep. Night all.

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