No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/15/2005 11:16:46 PM
Well, I left my list up for a good while. I hope our [few] visitors were able to benefit some from it. At any rate, you could always view it again in the archive.

Currently am trying to complete the migration to the new server. The last remaining sites [sabalpalm, neotokyo, and memoirs] are troublesome. SabalPalm isn't much of a bother because it's a simple move, my main concern being the email server. However, it just so happens that I had switch DNS to the new server long ago; the users where already on the new server [::shrugs::], less work for me. NeoTokyo is a problem 'cause I need to make the transition on the email smooth; I'll need to pass on the users and their mailbox & address book manually to the new server. Memoirs is the toughest having been created using PostNuke. It integrates not only PHP [which I have limited knowledge in], but also a mySQL database, which makes it all the more difficult to transfer.

Work aside, there isn't much else to speak of. I've got Jorge & Jasser to meet with me on Saturdays to pick up where we left off in Sam/Nin and the film. Let's see where that'll take us. Jorge is looking for some work and will find some soon [hopefully] so that I may take his money again. Jasser needs to renew the cashflow.

I, as always, am swamped with work. Whether it be Meco, school, or NeoTokyo [i.e. server migration, business cards, HSP setup] I've got work coming from all sides. I find myself isolating myself from some of the distractions I've had lately. Unfortunately for me, my mind [subconscious] takes control of these sort of situations and doesn't really handle it with much finesse. I've got to clean up a minor mess I [accidentally] created now...oi. But time and money is gonna be organized for optimal use now, which is all the better. Like I put it thise evening to a few fellows...'light thoughts and a good heart, I can't complain.'

Well, from the few visitors we still get, if you don't already keep in touch, please send an email or something, I'd like to hear from you. Until next...

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