No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/20/2005 3:33:19 PM
Hey guys, you know the whole rant thing wasn't suppose to be a spur of the moment. The process must continue, sort of like what I'm doing here. So get on the ball...

Anyway, aside from the complaint, I've not much else to say. The migration to the new server is complete and I'm only workin' on a few minor details. The final issue I'm currently dealing with is regarding the mail server and webmail client I am to offer. I want my old classic to run, but there are other options and I'm working out the kinks to get everything working well. My living room is now [literally] stacked with computers. Not counting my own, I've got seven (7) other [working] computers, three monitors, a laserjet and a dotmatrix printers, and a few extra accessories just laid about the place. It's some luck I've had, I'm getting a bunch of computers and equipment, most of which are old and pretty useless, but I can always find a use for all this old hardware. After all, robots need homes to run off of, right? When I find some time, I want to take a look at all the equipment I've got here.

This week, Jorge found a gig over at the tournament off Biscayne, so I understand he'll be coming across some cash soon. I'll be taking as much as I can from that, count on it Jorge(!).

Not much else, just the same old. Work, school, and an attempt to play whenever I can manage to organize the stuff in my head well enough. That's all for now, I suppose; hope to hear from you two down below soon.

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