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Post Date: 7/3/2008 8:09:16 AM
So then, I'd like to offer some sort of update on the progress, but sadly there is little to inform about. The project has been a little slow. Meeting have been, less than satisfactory. Nonetheless, they are slowly becoming habitual, though it's still another matter about beginning on time.

The progress of the company website and been slow, at best. Mostly due in part because I'm having some designers block. I intend to start looking around for some ideas, but there is one other thing that prevents me from going ahead with the development of the site; that being a server migration (yet another one). This fifth migration is more for practical reasons than anything else, but it has proven to be more difficult than anticipated. It would seem that they are becoming more complicated and taking longer, but what really gets me is that the difficulty and time it takes to migrate has been growing exponentially. This will be the most difficult migration and the longest to complete to date. However, in the end I think it worthwhile, so I'm putting up with the complications. I'm averaging one a year, though that number isn't really accurate; I'm just too lazy to do the math.

Perhaps for this July 4th weekend, if I do not have to leave town (after all), I will post something new, unseen, and out right fantastic, for anyone that still visits this site. However, I guarantee nothing as it all depends on my availability to the matter, but I've got a good feeling about this one. I may even roll out some new design for this. Who knows...?
The Shadow?
Probably not.

Signing off for now, will update with something more tangible. For all those below me, I swear to some higher power, if I keep seeing neglect in ranting, so help me, I will give you reason not to rant (PROPERLY).


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