No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/7/2008 1:11:45 AM
Bloody brilliant really, I can't believe that even if I hand 'im an editor with all the formatting built in, he still doesn't save with it. Blimey, there's a save button. Do you need much more? It's looks like a goddam disk.

Any who, I've kept a little busy as of late, what with taking care of a few companies and what not. I've actually spent a good deal of time outside of the house, which has been months. It feel much like before, what with keeping busy an all.

The story is really at a loss for me, I'm not certain what has been developed and what hasn't. Currently I'm more concerned with a few other matters, namely those that will continue my current "QoS," so to speak. At least, I've been able to do a couple of things with the site.

I hope to actually see something for the next organized meeting. However, for the time being, that I must leave up to Jorge. That is all from me for now, my update is complete.

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