No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 2/3/2008 9:49:18 PM
It's 'bout time to give another update to you folks out there. We've been making some internal changes on the site as of late, mostly due to the newfound time on my hands and some more aggressive tactics I've been using across the board.

Sam/Nin has been put on hold ever since I started booking the trip to Japan 'cause of all the trouble I've had to go through in relation to the booking. This week it will all be a done deal (with the exception of some visas we're gonna need to get) and I can get back to work on the story.

On the site, our new statistical reports are gonna help me figure out where our visitors are all coming from. I recall that the first day in we had a visit from Macedonia (haven't quite figured out what they were doing on the site though), and various other countries. The point of entry is of great interest and I'm gonna start working on the site layout again. Sam/Nin site is gonna go up within the next few months too. The design is mostly done and it's a matter of actually building the sucker. Dre is finally gonna have account access (which he's pretty happy about) and we all look forward to "hearing" from him soon.

With regards to Jorge's latest... We will be adding new artwork to the site after some changes are made. Jorge is still hard at work with the paint job(s), but at least it's all for a worthy cause.

Until the next, this is Josh signing off.

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