No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 2/20/2008 5:57:13 PM
Everytime I look at the statistics and reports for the site, it seems more and more countries keep popping up on the list. A lot of people seem to like our old (crappy) material, so I'm guessing that once the new layout kicks in, with the new material, we should start getting more relevant visitors and from more coherent sources (don't ask).

The trip (as has been cited for various years, now that I think about it), is finally booked and the last thing to do is get visas for those needing such; damn it feels good to be an American.

I understand that Jorge has been working on a side project, that will remain unnamed, and has some material to present for review. I think I might be looking forward to this, as I've been on the downside what with a few other things on my mind/lap. Maybe I should schedule a few more mahjong games to "ease the stress."

I'll post a better update in the near future. Josh out.

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