No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/15/2008 1:05:13 AM
Interesting how Jorge whines about who reads the rants on this damn site and who doesn't.

This newfound lack of free time Jorge has is of little consequence and coincidentally parallels my newfound excess of free time (if you could call it that). As far as the trip is concerned, I'm currently working out some minor details. I've tried my best to not surpass the price I promised everyone, but I'm finding it a bit difficult with the minor changes I have been making to the itenerary. Perhaps I will post a full description of what the trip in an upcoming rant

Outside of that, I've slowed the progress of the story so that I may focus on the trip (until it's booked, I'm running short on time); no other news will be offered with this regard.

Next on the list is a formal apology on behalf of this rants moderator (whom doesn't really have a the ability to rant [now that I think about it]): this apology is toward Jorge for being forced to alter his latest rant which included some non-appropriate material. The message to pass on was only that "intel is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands," I imagine you might understand the reference; oh and something about spiders crawling on a web and their ... memory(?). Just for the record, I was able to negotiate the removal of minimal information, so not all is lost. However, while on the topic of this rant, I do not like Misaki and the only people permited to "overflow" had better stay in fooly cooly.

Next update will show soon.

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