No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 12/8/2006 9:10:50 AM
Listening to Bob Sinclair, I can't seem to hear this song enough ever since I got back from Shanghai (though I have a mighty fine idea of why, tee-hee).

The group has not met whatsoever with the exception of my passing by Jorge's place, when I first got here, talking till about 2:00AM or so (complaining that he was a pansy 'cause he wanted sleep). As it stands I've been trying to limit my visits to people because I don't need any folks thinking that just 'cause I leave for about two weeks they need to fall all over me (it was only China dammit). On top of that I burned two chargers during my stay so I haven't even bothered carrying my phone around, which saves me the trouble of talking to anyone (was planning to acquire a new phone on my return, hence the indifference). However, the group needs to hear the news I bring from the lands in the east.

I've got some plans on Saturday, but I'll need to speak to the both of you before then (remember that Josh has no phone with him and no address book). I'll speak to you all soon enough... Josh out.

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