No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 12/10/2006 1:49:38 AM
I've heard it told that life's a trip. You think it might go one way, but some new experience or event comes around and changes your perspective. In the end you find yourself walking down the road on your own, a moment of reflection.

So as to avoid turning this into some blog, I'll put off there; I'm in a odd mood to write, feels like something I brought back with me.

Notifying the group that I will be taking Jasser up on that offer and meeting with you. There are some things that need to be shared and I think it would interest the group to hear what I've got to say. As for today, my phone situation went from bad to worse, but I'm working on fixing this problem and should be up a running like before. Let's shoot for a mid-day meeting and we'll take it from there.

Maybe my mood will change by sun-up... assuming it's a mood.

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