No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/3/2006 5:02:58 PM
Well with regard to the music I was queuing in my previous rant, Jorge you've got it right on target with the classic Goofy (do-it-yourself/self-help) shorts.

I may be calling upon another meeting for this very purpose. I've actually thought about possibly purchasing a book (I probably don't need) to help me decide which route to take, but I don't much feel like wasting thirty bucks on a book that'll probably just sit in a corner in its original packaging (i.e. the box sitting next to the computer). The probably is probably caused by my lack of time this whole week, I haven't had so many people after my time in such a while and I got the entire week booked around Tuesday. I just need some quiet time in some place appropriate where I can think for a while and just let my mind wander into the various tangents and map out the entire system in my normal fashion of planning. After all, Mr. Hoyt told me that folks like me must have that time during the day when they just think to themselves (haven't had any of that since the last meeting). I may just call a meeting for the hell of it, who knows.

I want to see these favicons (properly spelled), so I can start picking and choosing all the ones that won't make the cut. I also want to see version two of the banner, I saw the color changes you were making to the tones and what not, but I don't exactly have that visual of the final product.

I know how I wish to spend this month working, but will it happen (?)... doubtful. I haven't had my way since sometime in December, so what's likely to change? However there is a wildcard in my pocket and it's just a matter of waiting to see whether or not I have to use it. When I promised change, you better be damn sure you're gonna get it.

Jasser... rant goddam it.

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