No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/8/2006 10:50:15 PM
Josh has been taking care of some business with the outlook of making some room for some advancements to the works. A constant barrage of side jobs keep popping up and keeping me goin' with no end in sight. I keep tellin' folks I've got more opportunities than I have time for and I'm not lying t'all. However, I'm not here to whine 'bout such and the like.

I've been thinking about, every once in a while, how it is that I'm gonna build that backend and I suppose I could say that I'm getting a better visual of how it'll work, but something sure as hell is keeping me from figuring this one out. I suppose I'll just have to literally sit down and start drawing this out like all them other systems I built and was gonna build.

The week's full already and it's only Tuesday and looks like I'll be taken up well into the middle of next week too. Problem is, when I say I'm taken up all week, I'm also talking 'bout those weekends. Fortunately, this past weekend I just slacked off, but that gets me too 'cause I don't get any work done and it's all lost in unproductive behavior.

Got a call this afternoon from a firm in California (I think) from a fellow asking if I read that stuff I bought from 'em some time back. Heck, I told him "you mean that box that's been sitting in a corner since I got it?" Sure enough, he chuckled. I told him 'look, if I had the time to read it I sure would, I spent a nice chunk of change on it I sure as hell want to know what it says, but I simply never have any time to get around to it." I go off and tell him the companies I got working and all my affiliations and then he gets to realizing that I already know a thing or two about the material from personal experience. I tell 'im that I merely have more than enough of the service-oriented business and I wanted to get some more know 'bout the product-oriented business and he says that's just fine. So I end the call and tell 'im that I'll lose some sleep for it. Anywho, I'm saying the same here, maybe I'll just lose some sleep to get that damn design out and that's all that I'm saying 'bout that.

This is me... signing off.

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