No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/1/2006 10:05:36 AM
That quote does have something to it, can't quite put my finger on it though.

I've come across a small snag... I'm having some slight difficulty with a matter of overall design. There are two ways to go about building these pages <cue the music>:
  1. I could create multiple pages for each particular section that will dynamically present all the content. For example, the character profiles can all be presented on their very own page, but on the backend it is only a single ASP page spitting out those profile pages. With this idea I would make maybe five or eight pages in all and each one would "create" the site's various pages. This is also how the rant system was created... somewhat (it's really more like a jumbalaya of different theories made into one god-awful concoction).
  2. Another method would be to have just one single page that houses all the modules (pages) that plug into it. An example would be an index page that differentiates between all the pages using the URI information (that in itself could be transmitted in two or three different methods). The thing about this one is that all pages would serve more as modules that can easily plug into or out of the system. Additionally, it may be easier to control this system using dynamic data supplied by the database.

I have a pretty good idea of which I'll probably end up doing, but my problem is that I'm having issues visualizing it. If I can't map out the entire system in my head and create the very visuals that will turn to reality, then I can't operate very effectively and I begin to waste time on petty nuisances.

Anyway, keep it in mind, we'll talk more about it. For now, I've got a meeting with the other Doc.

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