No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/31/2006 11:17:53 AM
Well I suppose that when Jorge said that he's excited about the near-start of Sam/Nin, he probably wasn't expecting to see what both he and Jasser viewed yesterday. Furthermore, they also believe I was bluffing with that "challenge" (as Jorge put it) I had set forth yesterday. Gentleman I know all too well the speed at which I can work, four extensive databases can easily be spit out in six hours, but I'm gonna need some incentive otherwise it's pointless. Now if Jorge can manage to get those drawings done at the rate that I complete those databases, then we've got an operation going here. By the way, you never gave me a temporal value to your page output, I'm still waiting for the answer.

Each of you have your login information for the backend, I'm certain the two of you are well aware of the discreet nature I'd like to maintain with regard to the back-end access I have given you (i.e. don't mention/show/give to anyone). All will present itself in due time; I haven't waited this long for no apparent reason.

Answers to any questions or comments are reserved to those that speak to me directly, so if you have an inquiries please do not forward them to me by other means as I'll only be accepting direct inquiries until noted. That is all.

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