No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/24/2006 7:53:23 AM
As unexcusable as it may be, I've been so excessively busy as of late that I've not even the time to complain of the lack of ranting on the site. I'll try to make a note somewhere to create some sort of preventative measures.

As it stands, right now I'm in shorts and undershirt with a empty cup of noodles next to the keyboard, running about a half-hour behind schedule (I need to go to the chiropractor, then quickest possible head to the office). I decided I would take it a bit slower seeing as how my little ploy to wake up worked; wanted to wake up at 6:50, so I set the clock back to 6:30... somehow it worked. However I decided to abate this growling stomach I woke up with and ended up using more time then intended (what with the ranting over at MT and this new guest stip [which feels way too real for comfort]), now I'm really behind schedule... again.

There's the meeting due at the end of the month, but some difficulty involved with actually having it as three members may very well be out of town and not back in time for the meeting. As it stands I'm uncertain about what to do about this situation.

All site, comic, and group work has been put on hold mostly due to my company's business picking up these last four weeks. It sort of all just happened out of the blue and now I'm so busy I can't even put up a simple little "howdy" rant. One site done, second site doing finishing touches, third site not developed (just been trying to get logo and paperwork done to open their shop), and fourth site just being proposed to me. What am I to do with so much work coming from one little foreign (make that [now] domestic) company. I can only hope that now other site will be as complicated as this third one I'm gonna start and I'm crossing my fingers about the fourth one.

Now then, I don't like nor approve of blogs; personally I can't stand them, they are like a parasite on humanity's social culture. However, I'm more willing to accept a blog when it explains or attempts to excuse the lack of any progress or ranting. This looks very much like a blog and I am so very tempted to delete it, but I know it to be necessary as it's my first oppotunity to actually say something in a long while and I feel it was needed to explain myself. Hopefully, I'll pick up on the ranting again and get the ball rolling once things cool down a bit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit... I may need to re-create my habit of ranting.

Josh, signing off.

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