No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/27/2006 10:44:29 AM
I believe the news revealed to the group in yesterday's meeting was very pleasing for all of them.

I covered all of the topics I wanted to talk about. I showed them a little of what I was thinking of trying with the group in a section I plan to expand on in the future called "Journey Through Sound." I'm hoping that my presentation will be advatageous to the story. Covered some about the finances, the Jap account, expenses and whatnot. The trip I want to plan for Sarasota to visit the shop of one of my vendors [from the past]. Then finally after covering every little thing I could think of, I started playing some grand music at a high volume and opened IE to reveal a page that had the Sam/Nin logo and a welcome message to the site for the group members. It started slow, but then Jorge got up and started reading the message up close, then took a hard look at the address bar on the television, then ran to the computer to confirm, then started jumping in glee. After that, everyone else was starting to catch on. All I remember after that was receiving a lot of love and someone shouting group hug. This was one of the more... odd meetings we've had, but they liked it all the same 'cause of the good news I presented them with.

Of course, this means that I'm gonna have to start developing the site, so there goes my 'free' evenings. As soon as I figure where the rant system will reside, I'll add Dre to the page. I'm thinking that I might actually just do a single system that appears on both sites, but with different presentation. Just occurred to me I might do something like the format on Josh Ricart, where all the members appear on a single page, then maybe on the new site I'll switch up the format so that only two appear. Something along those lines, but I'll be speaking to the group further in regard to this.

Aside from that, I need to send an email to a fan of ours. Who would have guessed, we've got fans and with very little on the site [it's almost embarassing]. The problem is, I didn't notice his email until I started cleaning out the inbox [one email at a time] about a week [or two] ago. So now I'm gonna reply, give him some love, thank him for checking the site and making that uber-fantabulous desktop wallpaper, and give him some insider knowledge on what's happening with the story.

That's all from my end, so I go my merry way and will get back with any new developments.

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