No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/14/2006 6:27:43 PM
There's some really big news that I've been keeping away from the group and public eye that I've been really anxious about lately. I don't believe I'll be able to hold off till this month's meeting, so I may be setting up a meeting real soon to make a couple of anouncements.

Last night we found out that we actually have begun developing a "fan base." Unfortunately this fact has been left unknown for about two months now. Mr. J Thomas contacted me [via email] givin' us love for the work and show me a wallpaper that he created with our art. Rest assured that I will be contacting him shortly to apologize for overlooking his email and to let him in on some of the hush-hush work we've been up to in the background. Hopefully I can still reach him using the address he sent the message from.

Mr Otaku will be setting up really soon and we'll have the prints make our first piece of merchandise for the store [though it's gonna be display only for the time being. After receiving some advice last night, I'm thinking I should put forth a little more dedication into this project and use it to motivate all my other ventures [sort of like work hard so I can slack-off with this project]. Looks like I'll be contacting some contacts across the US soon so I can start up some hype for the comic. F'Course that means that I'm gonna have to collaborate with Jorge and get the story to advance. This means only one thing of course … Josh is gonna start printing out his weekly schedules again [or something along those lines].

Aside from that, all those readers out there [and group members], I've got some fantastic news comin' your way so stay tuned, I'll be disclosing my info toward the end of the week.

That's all from my end, adieu.

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