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Post Date: 3/3/2006 4:24:47 PM
A busy Josh is a [I like to think, more or less] happy Josh, so you must imagine that I'm pumpin' endorphins out of my ears.

As of late, I've had much work on my hands. Last month I spent some five days at an auction buying some heavy equipment and got pretty badly burned [people were amused by the almost 'ganguro' color I'd attained]; I'm still peeling at my forearms. I've also got a special surprise I'd been keeping to myself till recently. I've acquired yet another server [this one's stationed out in Iowa, nothing is ever gonna happen to it there] and I've spent this time preparing it. I'm 'bout ready to take on my big projects now... Meco, Josh Ricart, and Mr. Otaku [all of which will benefit and feed off each other's developments]. What makes me most happy is the fact that after so many years I'll finally be able to do with the site what I initially intended. Expect some uber-fantabulous features and changes to the site in the next quarter [w00t].

We've been trying to get the story moving again and it's been a bit slow. I confess that I'm probably the one to blame for this, my lack of focus leaves room for everyone else to slack off. They may have flaked out on me for January's meeting, but I sure didn't let February's mandatory meeting go by. Episode 1 is not completely revised and Jorge seems to think that he's gonna have to re/write another version of it, but it's in the works nonetheless. We're obviously way off track as to where we wanted to be, but at least we're a bit closer. I'm gonna have to talk to Jorge more about getting this last screenplay out of the way so he can get to drawin' out the storyboard.

I also wanted to talk about Jasser latest adventures [this past Monday]. You see, Jasser decided to take one for the team. If you all notice on one of the banners Jorge has drawn Jasu with a scar on his cheek. Jasser, the good sport he is, decided to take it upon himself to make that image more realistic. He took his [old, {I'm sure it was haunted} beat-up] car and wrapped it around a tree with him in it. Of course you could imagine it would take a manuever or two to get that to work just right. If I'm not mistaken, the passenger seat was on the driver's seat and Jasser was somewhere in the backseat. Sure enough, this technique Jasser employed gave him that scar on the cheek; only problem is that it's on the wrong side [but it's okay Jasser, I won't make you do it again, we'll just mirror the drawing]. So we appreciate and commend you on your dedication to this cause and we'll do something nice for you at the group's award ceremony [some time during never].

That's all from me for now. Another update will be posted in due time.

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