No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/18/2005 2:29:54 PM

I hate being busy. Its not a feeling that connects with Jorge.

Jorge- Busy- Busy- Jorge...

See what I mean. Aside from the story development, and timeline presentation Im working on, Ive also got a few side jobs. Telemundo landscaping project is getting problems from the buisness end and the contact Ive got doesn't really know what hes doing, aside from getting strokes that is [hope he doesnt read this...]. Then theres this PRIMERICA thing Josh lead me into. Now I trust Josh enough to follow him through a mine field, but Ive got my concerns [Jorge isnt a salesman for one, and Im sure Josh knows that]. Oh yeah, Im broke again...

Not to side track myself so much, Ill go back to what is SAM/NIN and other site realted topics. The time line which Im hoping to complete by this friday, is going to be presented via Movie maker. Ive got some nifty ideas to present the SAM/NIN time progression in a fun and not so confusing manner, not to mention introduce characters and explain thing about them. If only my microphone worked, I could drop the caption idea, and just have myself tell the stuff on the MP3. I will see if I can work my PS2 MIC to do the same [hehehe]. Under all of this Im trying to redo the original SAM/NIN logo. Not an easy task, being that I made an extremely large original.

I guess thats all for now, sanitario!

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