No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/9/2005 1:32:58 AM

Who's 86 cents are those?

To update things, I have decided to write up the story befor I begin any work. The reason being my inate ability to confuse everyone. So instead of trying to explain everything verbally, I'll have them read it. This will take me some time. I won't write the whole thing at once and give it to em to gulp. I'll start with a time line and work things up from there.

Aside from that, Josh suggested that we begin training. He suggest more of "toneage", in preperation for the movie of coarse. I really have no comments on Josh's intresting idea, and am still wondering if it was made to avoid penalty on his contract.

By the way... Jasser, what did you bring to the table last meeting. It seems that I missed it along the time you finishing reading that crap script I wrote and Josh's excersize proposal. Did you catch his idea Josh? Please Jasser, share... Befor next meeting at least.

I guess thats enough from me... Sanitario


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