No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/17/2005 2:24:17 AM

As with the coming updates with the site and all, so does the progress when it comes to the actual content of SAMNIN. Being that Josh placed it as top priority I have started to mingle around with the ideals and the thought rpocess involved with the story. For though who don't really know what the hell the so called "manga" of mine is about, well I guess I'd like to try [really it's alot harder than it seems for the creator to explain his... creation?] to give a jist on what its all about.

SAM/NIN is basically the abreviations I made up for SAMURAI NINJA.

Hmm thats about all i can say thats diffenitive...

I think I'll come back to this rant when i have all my thoughts collected. That would be fair I guess... Jeez, amazing how something can turn into a blog so easily.

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