No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/17/2005 3:23:47 AM

In continuation of the last rant...

Although I'm still sketchy on what I just finished writing, this is the most simplest way that I could describe what SAM/NIN really is. If it seems a little, err - off... Don't worry about it. I belive the only way I can truly tell this story is through the manga [the though of which makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.]


It is the future, in a world torn and rebuilt after years of cold bloody war.

The diffrent schools of the martial arts, technologies and magics were the target of other countries, seeking to make themselves stronger.

During the wars, seven of the strongest warriors, tactitians, and mystics came together to bring order back to the land. Among these elders was the Zenith, the master of the elders and leader to the masses.

It was he who brought the remaining soldiers to a surrender, and peace with their enemies.

Soon after, he disappeared leaving the elders the responsability of holding the countries and its people in everlasting peace.


However true peace was never reached, and the race for power continued even without blood-shed

The next Zenith was destined to come forth...[ooohhh I wish I had a narrator tell this with the ol' narrator sort of voice...]


Hoau, a young candidate to be the next Z, takes it apon himself to bring control to the countries, and he'll kill anyone who gets in his way. A noble cause, but his methods are all wrong.

Rikarutsu, another candidate, takes up arms against Hoau in the name of his younger brother's pacifistic virtues of honor on the battlefield. He continues to have episodes about his brother, and it comes bringing danger to everyone around him.

Basukuezu, the last true shinobi, was raised and focused on killing the new Z and the chaos that his shadow has brought to the land. However, befor he could kill Rikarutsu, he must confront his human side and past love, befor he can comfirm himself as a true shinobi or a lost soul.

Soteruro, the rounin seeking new knowledge, decideds to follow Rikarutsu and Basukeuzu in hopes of becoming stronger than both of them- and prove that he wasn't forced into the plot...


The story will revolve on how these personalities search for their own purpose to live, and fight, in a world that only wants another reason to destroy itself once more.

Wow, well that wasn't half bad. Compared to other explinations I've tried this is the least death inducing. I mean ask Josh how many times I tried to explain things to others... Tell em Josh, how many friggin times... Sanitario

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