No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/1/2004 4:52:15 PM

my ninja costume rocked. now to some real news... havent gotten around to really develope the animated chibbis. doing research on animation and methods... that and practicing doin a character faster and smoother. somehow ive attained, 400+ dollars more than i thought i did in my account. it smells fishy and im investigating my account history... btw, ive lost track on how much were supposed to have in the jap account, so for all i know we could all be behind... soon... very soon, is the reminder of the birth of joruji. i wonder what ill get... nothing from josh im sure (> <). hehe anywho, have reclaimed my painting equipment as ive finished hime's door decor. now i shall begin a large campeign of quick paintings and begin to sell... if all goes as planned i can buy myself some wheels in the next millenium. or at least ill have some extra cash in my account [besides that strange 400+]. i guess that is all

sanitario to all and to all a good bath

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