No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 10/25/2004 11:41:37 AM
well i must say ive missed plenty of productive moments, and it seems that the chibbis will slip through my fingers once more. wouldnt surprise me, this is a much more extensive project i proposed, and doing it would cross uncharted territory. although it does sound fun, it requires constant scanning and corrections. and as we all know, im still currently -1 scanner. money wise im laging since i can barely afford 50 dollars a week [working part time, not full anymore]. hime loved the necklace by the way (^_^). im glad, for what it cost me (;P)... anywho, have set up a new organized jota drawing desk, and it blows my mind at how easy it was. my drawing are now at easy access thanks to my new books. the blue book is samnin, and the green one is n.m.g. its got theses divided things that are see through and... ok ill shut up about that befor josh begins playing some goofy music to go with my blabbering. that is all for now. and yeah jasser go with that buy your own pc idea, if jorge can do it [which still boggles the mind] than jasser can do it too!!!

roger roger

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